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Apple’s Misdirection

Apple likes to say it’s protecting the privacy of its customers in refusing to unlock phones for US law enforcement. It’s an issue of principle, so we’re told. One might well be cautious when a multi-billion corporation invokes ‘principle’ in an argument. Let’s consider the context. In Canada and the US, law enforcement – with

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Will Québec Bring Back Canon Law?

My apologies for the provocative title. However, the Superior Court of Québec – the highest trial court in Québec – has made a rather extraordinary pronouncement. The Court has ruled that a member of the clergy of a church is not obliged to inform the civil authorities that a religious marriage has taken place. So

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GMO Labeling

  When you look at the label for this product, they proclaim it to be ”GMO-free”, along with other characteristics such as gluten free, raw, and high in fibre.   GMO foods don’t particularly worry me; I consume them all the time (in soy and corn products, for example).  In any case, I think there

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What is Bulls–t?

Perhaps you begin with the perception “What a bullshit topic!”  But this paper argues that the variety of types of bullshit are distinguishable morally, emotionally and spiritually.

Saudi Arms Sales; Letter sent to the Globe: 2016/02/26

Pierre Trudeau described Lester Pearson – the father of Canadian peacekeeping – as the “unfrocked prince of peace” for allowing American nuclear weapons to be stationed on Canadian soil. Now Justin Trudeau – promising to “renew Canada’s commitment to peacekeeping” – proposes to authorize the sale of weaponized armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia, a country

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Bombardier; Letter printed in the Globe, 2016/02/20

Without gaining some ownership control of Bombardier, any federal or provincial financial contribution to the company represents a free gift to the Bombardier family – a multi-billion reward for its bad management.  Is this the message taxpayers want to give to the rich and inept?

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