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GMO Labeling

  When you look at the label for this product, they proclaim it to be ”GMO-free”, along with other characteristics such as gluten free, raw, and high in fibre.   GMO foods don’t particularly worry me; I consume them all the time (in soy and corn products, for example).  In any case, I think there

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What is Bulls–t?

Perhaps you begin with the perception “What a bullshit topic!”  But this paper argues that the variety of types of bullshit are distinguishable morally, emotionally and spiritually.

Saudi Arms Sales; Letter sent to the Globe: 2016/02/26

Pierre Trudeau described Lester Pearson – the father of Canadian peacekeeping – as the “unfrocked prince of peace” for allowing American nuclear weapons to be stationed on Canadian soil. Now Justin Trudeau – promising to “renew Canada’s commitment to peacekeeping” – proposes to authorize the sale of weaponized armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia, a country

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Bombardier; Letter printed in the Globe, 2016/02/20

Without gaining some ownership control of Bombardier, any federal or provincial financial contribution to the company represents a free gift to the Bombardier family – a multi-billion reward for its bad management.  Is this the message taxpayers want to give to the rich and inept?

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