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Sometimes “I’m sorry” is not enough.

Sometimes “I’m sorry” is not enough. Let’s consider two cases where an apology was clearly needed but is, equally clearly, insufficient. Lindsay Shepherd You will have heard of the case of the teaching assistant at Wilfrid Laurier, Lindsay Shepherd, who was demeaned and berated by her faculty supervisor and two hench-persons for daring to show,

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Fraud for Fraud: Some People’s Idea of Social Justice.

  Fraud for Fraud: Some People’s Idea of Social Justice. Loblaws has admitted to fixing the price of bread in certain circumstances, over 14 years. It’s not a stretch to conclude that this constituted fraud, if not theft. In penance, Loblaws is offering a $25 gift card to eligible customers. Some social justice “genius” has

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Go, Morneau, Go

I seldom agree with Andrew Scheer about anything. But here he has a point. Morneau should go      

G-G Flap-Flap: “You Go Girl!”

It is, on the whole, a good thing that Her Excellency Julie Payette gets herself noticed – big time – in her first few weeks as Governor General. Too many of her predecessors have vanished into banality soon after their investiture. . In this case, the GG’s remarks in a speech at a science conference

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A Pig at the Trough: update to answer a slick lawyer

Finance Minister Morneau introduced pension legislation which would benefit his family company and indeed, after the legislation was tabled, the company’s share value increase was enough to create a $2 million benefit in the shares that the Finance Minister owned and knew he owned. This is not a perceived conflict of interest; this is an

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Prime Minister Selfie

Prime Minister Selfie Might be more healthy, than Darth Vader Harper. But he’s still very wealthy, And quite often stealthy. If you bumble, You should be humble, Should you not? But sanctimonious pride Covers errors wide, And deep. Was this our choice? A voice and a vision, But weak and or poor decisions?

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