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G-G Flap-Flap: “You Go Girl!”

It is, on the whole, a good thing that Her Excellency Julie Payette gets herself noticed – big time – in her first few weeks as Governor General. Too many of her predecessors have vanished into banality soon after their investiture. . In this case, the GG’s remarks in a speech at a science conference

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A Pig at the Trough: update to answer a slick lawyer

Finance Minister Morneau introduced pension legislation which would benefit his family company and indeed, after the legislation was tabled, the company’s share value increase was enough to create a $2 million benefit in the shares that the Finance Minister owned and knew he owned. This is not a perceived conflict of interest; this is an

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Prime Minister Selfie

Prime Minister Selfie Might be more healthy, than Darth Vader Harper. But he’s still very wealthy, And quite often stealthy. If you bumble, You should be humble, Should you not? But sanctimonious pride Covers errors wide, And deep. Was this our choice? A voice and a vision, But weak and or poor decisions?

Charles Should Never Be King of Canada

In the lifetimes of most of us, Canada has had only one Head of State: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Ten or more governments have come or gone in her tenure. She has signed our new Constitution into being, along with our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Canadians have every reason to feel grateful for

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Just say “no” to King Charles

I recently media rambled into a documentary about the Princess Diana. Diana says that she went to the Queen to ask what to do about husband Charles’, Prince of Wales, relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles; according to Diana, the Queen responded (to the effect): “ I don’t know what you should do. He’s hopeless”: the

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MacDonald Agonistes: on contemporary moral judgments of residential schools

Some discussion seems necessary given the moral condemnation of Sir John A. MacDonald and Hector Langevin for the establishment of the residential schools system. What was official government policy in the 1880s was condemned as a matter of government policy in 2008.   MacDonald articulated the original rationale for residential schools nearly 140 years ago, in

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Culture Wars: Gender and Sexual Orientation

Those of a certain age remember the opprobrium associated with homosexual relationships, let alone so-called homosexual acts. As well, expression of a gender other than exactly that assigned at birth was considered a very twisted moral failing. Time passes; things change – but not totally. Although sexual orientation and gender preference are moving towards inclusion

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Which God destroyed 99.9% of the planet?

On to matters theological. I need to understand the Christian meaning of Noah’s Flood. I’m not concerned about whether it happened or not, but more on the message of the event, regardless whether it actually occurred. Why would a God destroy 99.9% of the life he/she/it created? Because the people were corrupt, the account goes,

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