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Trumping Truth

To those who say: “Truth isn’t what it used to be”, one must perforce respond: “It never was”.            

What part of collusion do we not understand?

Trump:  Here be (some of) the witches!   Here are actions which create a presumption of collusions, subject to verification by due process: 1. Trump campaign staff have pled guilty to lying about their contacts with Russian officials. 2. Trump campaign advisors have had financial and business relationships with Russian state-owned enterprises. 3. Trump’s national

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Pederast Priests and Buggering Bishops

Sexual abuse is endemic in the Catholic priesthood. Cover-ups and downplays continue – despite papal denunciations. That church needs to go beyond denunciations and apologies and restitutions; it needs to uncover the causes of such prevalent practices, and address those causes. This is just as we do with secular criminality; understanding and addressing the causes

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Do the Supremes Get Religion?

The short answer is ‘no’. Interactions between the State (whether the Courts or the Legislature) on the one hand and spiritual or religious beliefs and requirements will always require a fine balance in a secular society. ‘Balance’ requires some delicacy in handling the scales. The Supremes should keep their judicial thumbs in their legal pockets.

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Mass Migration

Do we know what we would do?  Until then, hold the righteous outrage.    

Trump and Nixon

How weird and wonderful the parallels between the current Trump train wreck and the Nixon Watergate fiasco of 45 years ago. Attorneys General for both Presidents had fatal conflicts of interest: Russia for Sessions; CREEP for Mitchell. Both Presidents fired heads of federal security agencies for not doing their questionable bidding: Trump fired Comey of

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Trumpertainment tonight!   Now that a court has established that President Trump can be sued for defamation, one wonders what evidence could end up in court. Trump must defend in court his statement that a woman was a liar when she accused him of harassment. If his defence is that his statement is true, then the

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Pope Francis, I call BS

Pope Francis, I call BS. You are the self-proclaimed Vicar of Christ, the heir to the Throne of St. Peter, the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. You are to be addressed as ‘Holiness’. Yet you cannot “personally respond” to the request by indigenous peoples and the Prime Minister of Canada, for the role

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