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The hand in the shadows

Can we see the hidden hands of Kevin Lynch, Chair of SNC Lavalin, behind the actions of that company over the past year? Mr. Lynch, considered a successful Deputy Minister at both Finance and Industry, served as Clerk of the Privy Council between 2006 and 2009. A former Deputy and Clerk would have the ultimate

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Rachel Maddow tells a story of Deputy to former Chief of Staff Kelly, named Zachary Fuentes, who planned to hide out on salary for six months in another office after his boss left, so that he would qualify for a special pension program, and could retire on pension at the age of 37. Fuentes almost

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Is there a compassionate way to deal with mass migration? The United States and European countries are required to cope with mass migrations of peoples from failed or imperilled states. Canada copes with a comparative trickle. Yet no country handles this well. • In the US, illegal-immigrant children die in custody; • Europe contracts out refugee return with refugee origin countries; • Canada lets

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Three Strikes against the Neverendum

The most forceful factor in favour of the First-Past-the-Post (FPTP) electoral system is its simplicity. Voters know what happens to their vote. The person with the most votes becomes their representative. In each electoral district, there is a clear connection between voters and elected representative. Proportional representation (PR) systems are less transparent, indeed sometimes obscure.

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Bad Shoppers

We have an exemplary record of incompetence in defence procurement. Why?    

Re-Purposing the Tony Clement Gazebo Award

The old award for bizarre and wasteful government spending during an international conference went to Tony Clement for his gazebo, along with the ‘fake lake’ in downtown Toronto, at a G20 in 2010. Now that Clement is wallowing in sleaze, it is a good time to change the award. Thank you to the Liberal Government

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Adam posed me questions on hate speech

Questions   Is it not possible that such a legal concept as “hate speech” is an artifact of an unsustainable way of life? Is it possible for there to be a NON-heteronormative or racially heterogeneous polity over the long term? I do not know. I guess in a few centuries we will know.   Responses

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The Saudi Keystone Kops play Istanbul

The Saudi assassination, horrible and disgraceful, has nonetheless elements of black comedy. I love the initial Saudi protestations that the assassination hit team were merely tourists: including a tourist who travels with his personal bone saw. After all, even on a one-day tourist outing one can never tell when a body might need to be

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Trumping Truth

To those who say: “Truth isn’t what it used to be”, one must perforce respond: “It never was”.            

What part of collusion do we not understand?

Trump:  Here be (some of) the witches!   Here are actions which create a presumption of collusions, subject to verification by due process: 1. Trump campaign staff have pled guilty to lying about their contacts with Russian officials. 2. Trump campaign advisors have had financial and business relationships with Russian state-owned enterprises. 3. Trump’s national

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