Re-Purposing the Tony Clement Gazebo Award

The old award for bizarre and wasteful government spending during an international conference went to Tony Clement for his gazebo, along with the ‘fake lake’ in downtown Toronto, at a G20 in 2010. Now that Clement is wallowing in sleaze, it is a good time to change the award.

Thank you to the Liberal Government for stepping up to the plate with some truly fantastical expenditures on vehicles for the 2018 G7 Summit. Our tax dollars purchased more than 630 vehicles for the event, 431 for ‘motorcade purposes’ plus 200 for administrative purposes. Depending on whether Canada and the US brought their own vehicles, each delegation would have been allocated between 60 and 86 vehicles. That’s some motorcade! Actually, it may not have been much of a motorcade because some of the cars had less than 50 km on their odometers, many had less than 100 km. And now they are to be sold. Why the 200 cars used for ‘administrative purposes’ needed to be new is not explained. Indeed, it’s above our security clearance to know how any of these vehicles were used.

As taxpayers it’s not our job to wonder ‘why?’

It’s just our job to hold our nose and pay through the nose.

So the Tony (Panayi) Clement Gazebo Award for 2018 celebrates those who pissed away $23 million on cars acquired for classified reasons, seldom used, and sold at a loss. Our tax dollars at work!

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