What part of collusion do we not understand?

Trump:  Here be (some of) the witches!


Here are actions which create a presumption of collusions, subject to verification by due process:

1. Trump campaign staff have pled guilty to lying about their contacts with Russian officials.
2. Trump campaign advisors have had financial and business relationships with Russian state-owned enterprises.
3. Trump’s national security advisor resigned because he had provided false information about contacts with Russian officials.
4. Trump’s Attorney General recused himself from investigations into Russian collusion because he had provided false information about his contacts with Russian officials. Trump objected and objects to that recusal.
5. Trump’s campaign manager for 144 days, in previous employment, undertook but did not declare many millions in income earned from helping pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine.
6. Trump’s son met with a Russian lawyer who had offered to provide dirt on the Clinton candidacy. The Russian was alleged to have information provided by the Russian government. Trump denied that the meeting had that purpose, then recently admitted that the meeting did have that purpose, adding that seeking political dirt on the opposing candidate was normal. In the course of that Trump had denied that he had directed his son’s response to allegations about the meeting, then admitted that he had directed his son’s response.
7. A Trump Twitter defence argues that, even if collusion was intended, it did not take place as no information was provided. The argument is that ‘attempted collusion’ is no problem, so long as it does not succeed. By that standard, “I broke into the bank but couldn’t open the safe.” is a complete defence.

None of this may be sufficient for a criminal conviction but it is sufficient to provide a prima facie case for proceeding with further investigations involving search warrants and grand juries. Since collusion does not exist as a criminal offence, the inquiry should seek to uncover whether there has been a conspiracy.




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