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Trump and Nixon

How weird and wonderful the parallels between the current Trump train wreck and the Nixon Watergate fiasco of 45 years ago. Attorneys General for both Presidents had fatal conflicts of interest: Russia for Sessions; CREEP for Mitchell. Both Presidents fired heads of federal security agencies for not doing their questionable bidding: Trump fired Comey of the FBI; Nixon forced out Helms of the CIA. Trump is thinking of firing the special prosecutor: Robert Mueller; Nixon did fire his special prosecutor: Archibald Cox. Both White Houses lost large numbers of staff under ethical clouds. Both Presidents were extremely coarse in their descriptions of political opponents: Trump on Twitter, Nixon on tape. And speaking of tape, there may be taped conversations involving Trump, just as there were with Nixon. Just to be sure we understand this repeat of history is not tragedy but farce, the current train wreck features clandestine payouts to former sex partners of a US President, who is himself concerned about tales of pee parties in Russian hotel rooms.