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Trumpertainment tonight!


Now that a court has established that President Trump can be sued for defamation, one wonders what evidence could end up in court. Trump must defend in court his statement that a woman was a liar when she accused him of harassment. If his defence is that his statement is true, then the plaintiffs will challenge that assertion. I wonder if the plaintiff can introduce the Billy Bush tape in evidence to show a pattern of behaviour. On that tape, a younger Trump celebrates the very behaviour he has denied. Whether or not, this is National Enquirer stuff taking place at the White House. Wow! Entertainment Tonight!

Pope Francis, I call BS

Pope Francis, I call BS.

You are the self-proclaimed Vicar of Christ, the heir to the Throne of St. Peter, the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. You are to be addressed as ‘Holiness’. Yet you cannot “personally respond” to the request by indigenous peoples and the Prime Minister of Canada, for the role of your Church in Canada’s national shame and horror of residential schools.

Why not?

There is no doubt of the criminal and cultural wrongdoing committed by representatives of your Church in Canada. There is no doubt that you have given a personal apology to the people of Bolivia for crimes and cruelties of your representatives there.

Why no personal apology to the indigenous peoples of Canada?  Unless, in the spirit of the first Peter, you are in denial.

Pope Francis, I call BS.

Best Picture. Really?

If The Shape of Water represents the best that Hollywood has to offer – poor Hollywood. This film is little more than mediocre. I did not feel a desire to walk out of the theatre during the screening, but I came close.

To start with what’s good about the film. The cinematography is, in many places, simply gorgeous, and manages to be compelling even in prosaic shots of corridors and service tunnels. Then there is the acting performance of Sally Hawkins, sensitive and subtle even without words (she plays a mute).

However the plot is more suited to a comic book than an adult film: the narrative arc is predictable and dull. The characters, apart from Elisa (Hawkins), are cardboard cutouts. Colonel Strickland (played by Michael Shannon) manages to present as a formulaic villain with no redeeming or human qualities whatsoever: even the psycho part is overdrawn to the point of incredulity. Zelda, Elisa’s friend, is likable but basically a stereotyped black sidekick. The General is no more than the predictable Pentagon pinhead, a standard movie portrayal. There are some subtleties in the characters of Elisa’s neighbour George, as well as the Soviet mole Dimitri, but not enough to lift the film from near overwhelming banality. I will not comment on the characterisation of the amphibian man, as you don’t see many of these about. But, to me, ET seemed just as finely crafted in presence and personality.

The Shape of Water is not a bad film. I would have happily watched late at night on Netflix. But to put it in the class of The Artist, or Chicago, or Silence of the Lambs, or Man for All Seasons? Frankly, no.

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