Just say “no” to King Charles

I recently media rambled into a documentary about the Princess Diana. Diana says that she went to the Queen to ask what to do about husband Charles’, Prince of Wales, relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles; according to Diana, the Queen responded (to the effect): “ I don’t know what you should do. He’s hopeless”: the ‘he’ in question being the Prince of Wales. We need to receive the Queen’s description as an admonition: Prince Charles is hopeless. We do not need such a person as King of Canada once the Queen dies. One part of that response is constitutional in character: the Head of State of Canada should be Canadian. Another part is specific; in betraying his wife, mother of heirs to the throne, he has demonstrated his personal unsuitability to represent the moral continuity of the State – any State. We will all be saddened by the death of the Queen, a woman who has exemplified the best of which monarchy is capable. Any true heir must exemplify the virtues of Elizabeth Regina. Prince Charles does not. He should not be King of anything. He certainly should not become King of Canada.

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  • Jack Houghton

    I as a citizen of England do not want Charles to represent me as King of my country, his utter contempt at the way he brought that women to the people of this proud country and the way in which they the “firm” treated Diana was despicable. he should step aside in favour of his son William who is more in tune with the people of Britain.

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