Which God destroyed 99.9% of the planet?

On to matters theological. I need to understand the Christian meaning of Noah’s Flood. I’m not concerned about whether it happened or not, but more on the message of the event, regardless whether it actually occurred. Why would a God destroy 99.9% of the life he/she/it created? Because the people were corrupt, the account goes, filling the earth with violence.

One initial question is: “Was the flood and the death effective?” Post flood, it seems to me that there’s lots and lots of corruption and violence still out there. But we need not break out the life preservers, as God promised he would not do it again.

My second question is: “Are there anger management issues here?” On the way to the second question one might note that the Christian story goes that God created man, giving him free will. First time man screws out, God throws him out of the garden. After a few big screw-ups (e.g., Cain & Abel) , God decides to destroy almost all the life on the planet. That life includes most innocent animals, as well as most humans, innocent or not (note the total absence of due process, let alone any civil liberties). In the New Testament, we are told that repentance will lead to forgiveness. Evidently that was not an option here.

And the third question is” How does the flood story teach us to act?” Scared shitless for our sins? No, because we are offered redemption and eternal life if we believe in this God. So if we believe in Jesus then we believe that the punishment by the flood was wrong by Jesus’ standard.

In the 300’s of the “Current Era”, bishops and theologians decided that some New Testament era stories were valid as Christian teachings and that others were not. In the modern era, theologians may wish to reconsider the teachings of the Old Testament. To what extent do those stories reflect Christian values and aspirations? The New Testament proclaims that “God so loved the word that he gave his only- begotten son”, so that all of us could have eternal life. The Old Testament says that God destroyed 99.9% of the planet because we were wicked. Which narrative would you prefer? You can find both in the Bible.

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