I have seen the future and it is not here.

Amazon offers prompt delivery almost everywhere. But not, it appears, in rural areas where they rely on Canada Post for the last mile of delivery.

I ordered a kindle and cover, and was guaranteed delivery within two days. Nearing the end of the two-day period, with no kindle in hand, I checked the tracking information and was informed that the item had already been delivered.

I contacted online chat for help. And received what I thought was an encouraging response. My contact – Romil – took “personal ownership” of the issue, assured me that the package was on the delivery truck, and guaranteed that it would be with me by the end of day.

End of day. No package. So much for guaranteed two day delivery.

Next day, I try online chat again. Over a session longer than one hour, Pooja, Abhi, Varsha and Ajit tried to address the issue. They expressed great concern and offered copious apologies. Again I was assured that the package would be delivered that day.

End of day. No package. So much for three day delivery.

By the way, I was offered a $20 discount on a second kindle if the package did not arrive on time. Since the first kindle had not arrived, it seemed – to put it mildly – rather insulting to offer a discount on a second.

I gave up on the online clown act, and telephoned support. The whole conversation, including connect time, took just over 12 minutes. Tina has re-ordered the items for me, and assures me of delivery within two days. We’ll see.

If it arrives, delivery will have taken more than a week, more than five business days. I have seen the future and it is not here.

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