In flying the “March for Life” flag the City of Ottawa did appear to endorse that particular cause.  The existing guideline was not clear enough to prevent it.



But hold the outrage.  If the flag had been (say) “March for Women’s Choice”, would those who howled against the March for Life have been so loud?  I think not.  Judging from the politicians’ pusillanimous pronouncements, the objections were on the side of pro-choice.


As far as free expression is concerned, I think rights are the same for pro-life and pro-choice advocates.  Neither position constitutes hate speech. Neither position advocates breaking the law.  That one opposes a position provides no permit to prohibit its promotion.  Free expression – especially of ideas with which we disagree – is fundamental to our human and democratic rights.


Liberal values are just as much endangered by those who would suppress ideas in opposition to those values as those who attack them directly.

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