Much Ado about Nothing





  • Penelope hill

    I have now read through this presentation of proofs for nothing at all. A refresher on history and an unresolved philosophical argument for me to start my week first thing Monday morning!

    Well zero, 0, is a compelling subject for all of us in one way or another, in this frame or some other. For me, 0 is a mathematical concept which has opened and yet offers to open rich fields of discovery in computation. However, in our present existential mindset, one of subjective relativism, we take 0 with no value at all, out of 0’s natural context, where an overwhelming question rears it’s unhappy head.
    In this time of extistential angst, 0 is framed in a psychological sphere with hopes to find an anchor for our beingness or a source of our existencecin mathematical proofs. And as speculatation is ever fruitless and ever will be. Our pursuit of Truth about ourselves through 0’s lack of value or falling down Alice’s rabbit hole seems to prove that Existentialism is true! My view differs.

    How 0 is understood, or not, is determined by which spectacles we wear when examining 0, i do beleive. So for me, Occam’s razor is best applied when this argument over 0 becomes unweildy, complex, and frankly disturbing. Accordingly i trim off wild off-shoots from the question in play: What is 0?
    When i take off those existential spectacles, 0 is a mathematical concept with magnificent power in computation. One which accounts for neither nature of Creator, creation, nor our very own existence and never will.

    I beleive our soul, the source of our being, our reason d’ etre arises in our hearts. And so i have no need for 0 to calculate where i came from and where i am going.
    I am quite sure my beingness occurs here and now for a purpose: to live and to feel my existence and to act according to all my heart tells me is best and true.
    When i arrive to a place of pure happiness in my being, the question of 0 or nothingness cannot undermine my certainty. I exist for a reason and am purposed to live my life with full faith. Wether or not i reach my destiny is a matter of how i conduct myself here and now.
    Your existence and my existence, David are proven true by all we feel for better or worse and all we love and nurture in this holy mystery of living Life.
    Nothing more.
    That’s all


      This is a good perspective. I appreciate your assessment of the numerical zero. But I also acknowledge the need to understand the absence of all things, all space, all time, all logic. Perhaps of no importance in our daily lives, the essence of nothing is essential to understand the essence of the infinite and eternity.

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