Sajjan’s Whoppers

So Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has been called out for a couple of whoppers about his time with the military in Afghanistan.  It’s not the first time he’s been, in the words of a former British Defence Minister, “economical with the actualité”.  Perhaps it’s a job hazard.    But it’s a tad bizarre that the second time Minister Sajjan was caught out it was for the selfsame whopper.  Either there is some difficulty in learning a lesson from the first time he was busted (during the election campaign), or he suffers from recurring delusions.  Two whoppers caught; but it looks like the Minister believes an apology is sufficient.


Meanwhile a very senior subordinate to this Defence Minister, Vice Admiral Norman, has been suspended, and is the subject of an RCMP investigation, for allegedly leaking a confidence of Cabinet.  There is no suggestion that this official had any desire for personal gain in such action, or that any harm was done to the public.  Fair enough that a leak of Cabinet materials, if it happened, would be worthy of censure.  But equally worthy of censure is a deliberate public misstatement by a Member of the Cabinet about events in which he was personally involved.


Does discipline for misdeeds move up the ranks as well as down?

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